Event Decoration

Event decoration and event planning is the art of beautifying and planning any given event whether it is a formal or an informal event. We train our students on how to make people’s event attractive and memorable

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1. Introduction to: Events Planning, Vendors’ Coordination, Balloons, different bows
2. Introduction to the use of Ribbons and Fabrics.
3. Making of Flowers/balls
4. Decorations of different Events Chairs and Tables.
5. Flower Arrangements.
6. Fabrics works, drapes, backdrops, canopy designs.
7. Exhibitions

Learning Objectives

Trainees that pass through our program would be able to properly decorate, plan, organize, strategize and manage any given event ranging from 10 to 500 guests.

A trained Events Decorator and Planner will be able to develop and achieve the theme for an event with the input and consent of the client.

The Event Planner will also be able to organize appropriate vendors within an established budget

Materials Needed

1. Office pins
2. Balloons (Size 5,8,10,11)
3. Ribbons (Different colours)
4. Scissors (1)
5. Hand inflators (1)
6. Balloon Sizers (1set)
7. Hammer
8. Tornado nails
9. Safety pins
10. Fishing line
11. Thick broom
12. Florist tape
13. Organza material (2 different colours, 1 yard each)
14. Matching threads
15. Paper cellotape
16. Transparent cellotape
17. Table clothes (3 yards)
18. Cotton wool (1)
19. 1/2 yard of glossy material (taffeta or satin)
20. Tape rule
Group Materials (To be purchased or rented at resumption)
21. Fabric for backdrop and drapes (18 yards each)
22. Flower plates (2 colours)
23. Decorative lights
24. Chair cover
25. Organza sash
26. Spandex sash
27. Wet oasis (2)
28. Dry oasis


Where to buy materials required:
1. Fruitful Academy store
2. Lagos central market
3. Yaba central market
4. Any decoration store
5. Any decoration rental store

Introduction Video