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Important Notice

Please note that if admitted, you will be required to get the basic materials for your training. These materials will be purchased from your trainers. Kindly make your fund available before the training induction date.


1 Cake 18,250
2 Pastry 17,050
3 Shoe Making 20,000
4 Makeup 15,000
5 Beaded Jewelry 15,000
6 Hair Accessory 13,000
7 Web Design 5,000 (plus a good laptop)
8 Graphic Design 10,000 ( plus a good laptop)
9 Dress Making 12,000 (plus an electric Sewing Machine)
10 Photography 8,500
10 Portable Generator Repair 9,000
10 Event Decoration 15,000
10 Hair Dressing/Styling 17,000


Class Calendar


1. Bulletin Announcement Sunday 8th January, 2017
2. Application Form Opens Monday 9th January, 2017
3. Application Forms Closes Sunday 29th  January, 2017
4. Student Induction Monday 30th January, 2017

Time: 8.30am

Venue: 71, Kudirat Abiola Way, Oregun

5. Classes Resumption Monday 6th February, 2017 – 8.00am
Venue: Plot A3C, Ikosi Road, Oregun
6. Classes End Thursday, 16th February, 2017 – 1.00pm
7. Graduation Friday 17th February, 2017 – 11.00am