Organizations all over the world are changing, constantly seeking out ways to improve their services and cut down on costs. Cleaning services companies need to be agile enough to understand their customers’ goals and partner with them in achieving those goals. More than ever, there is a dire need for cleaning companies that are able to deliver value excellently, through teams that are knowledgeable and competent.

This course will take participants through the basics of starting a cleaning business as well as equipment sourcing, recruitment, training cleaning teams, finding a niche market and much more.

  • Module 0/0

    1: Cleaning Basics
    2: Cleaning Tools (products and equipment)
    3: Health, safety and Pest control
    4: Setting up the cleaning business
    5: Adding Value

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  • Materials Needed 0/0

    1. Mop
    2. Cobweb Remover
    3. Microfibre Cloths
    4. Sweeper
    5. Mop bucket
    6. Toilet brush
    7. Scouring pads
    8. Dust pan
    9. Latex Gloves
    10. Antibacterial Multi surface cleaner
    11. Glass cleaner
    12. Scouring powder
    13. Toilet cleaner
    14. Detergent (30g)

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  • Learning Objectives 0/0

    Participants will be able to start cleaning businesses, recruit their teams, train their teams, identify and acquire profitable accounts and manage their growing cleaning company on a sustainable basis.

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  • Buyers Guide 0/0

    1. If participants will be handling equipment themselves, then it pays to invest in high quality equipment if possible (e.g. Mops, sweepers, cobweb Removers etc) however if the equipment will be used by a newly recruited team, then explore cheaper options for starters. . No need to purchase industrial scrubbing machines early on, they can be rented if necessary.

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