Fashion Design

Fashion design is the art of applying design and natural beauty to clothing and its accessories. We can simply be defined as the breaking down of various fabrics and accessories while bringing them back together to form beautifully designed clothing and pieces.

It has varied over time and place. Fashion designers work in a number of ways in designing clothing and accessories. In DSAP we are focused on empowering creative minds with unmatched skills in different aspects of fashion including dressmaking, pattern making, basic sewing techniques, measurement etc.

Our Approach
We adopt an interactive student to instructor method for effective learning to ensure our students get the best. Each student is given the creative freedom to create designs for his/her collection/project.

Apply For this course


  1. Introduction to fashion designing
  2. Pattern drafting and dart manipulation
  3. Necklines and styling of the basic pattern set
  4. Garment construction/ machine works

Learning Objectives

  • Students should be able to draft the basic pattern sets with the pattern drafting principle.
  • Students should be able to style basic styles
  • Students should be able to construct a garment from start to finish and also embellish their garments in a constructive technique.

Materials Needed

1: Sewing Machine1. Tape rule
2. French curve
3. Metal ruler
4. Paper tape (abro)
5. White or brown paper (5)
6. Pencils/erasers
7. calculator
8. Scissors (2)
9. Seam ripper
10. Tailor’s chalk
11. Hand needle (1 pack)
12. Machine needle (1 pack) sizes 14 & 16
13. Matching threads with their fabrics (4)
14. Ordinary zippers long (2), small (1)
15. Bobin/bobin case
16. Tailor’s pin
17. E6000 fabric glue
18. Stones
19. Ankara cotton fabric
20. Cotton lining
21. Airstay
22. Gum stay ½ yard (applicable to male clothing)
23. Black head sewing machine (manual/electric)
24. Cover button dice (different sizes) (optional)
25. Cover button machine (optional)
26. Electric iron (optional)


1. Item 1-8 can be purchased from a bookshop
2. Item 9-23 can be purchased from a local tailoring material shop
3. Item 24-27 can be purchased at Dosumu Lagos island market. And some small neighbouring major markets.

Introduction Video