This skill is 5% theory and 95% practical. The first week is dedicated to learning and making various types of healthy drinks ranging from Smoothie and Juice as well as any other healthy drinks chosen as considered necessary for the diet.

The second week is for the Art and craft of fruits where there will be a deep insight into the creativity of making Fruits and vegetables into significant objects making it look real.

The class will be a highly interactive one as there will be some sessions dedicated to discussions on the implementation of things learnt outside the four walls of the class.

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  • Modules 0/0

    1. Introduction to healthy living and its relevance to fruits
    2. Juice and Smoothie making
    3. Fruits Arrangements
    4. Watermelon carving
    5. Fruit Tree/Fountain

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  • Learning Objectives 0/0

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  • Materials Needed 0/0

    1: 3 pairs of knife (2 big & 1small)
    2: 1 Apron
    3: 2 packs of nylon glove
    4: Head covers
    5: 2 cutting board/trays
    6: 1bucket, 1transperant bowl
    7: 1 pack of tooth pick, 3 packs of Skewers
    8: 1 pack of shape cutters
    9: 1 plastic bowl
    Natural fruits as will be required from time to time

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