Hair Making

Hair making is the study and beautification of human hairs to achieve various hairstyles with the use of hair products, hair styling tools and accessories.

A basic knowledge of the various head shapes, hair types, hair chemicals; hair colour is compulsory to avoid causing irreparable damages. This course allows all students to develop hair and beauty skills, techniques and knowledge.

Formal education is not required to practice hair making; it can be learnt as a skill and you may become Salon business owner, Salon manager, brand manager or educator for a product line, work in editorial/fashion, teach in a cosmetology school and so much more.

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  1. Understanding the human hairs
  2. Introduction to the boxing of Braids eg. Bob Marley
  3. Braids twisting
  4. Hair fixing
  5. Hair weaving
  6. Wig making

Materials Needed

  1. Small mannequin with hair( 1)
  2. Bald mannequin (1)
  3. Medium size attachment ( 8)
  4. Set of comb and brush
  5. Hair cream
  6. Mouse and stay spray
  7. Wig cap( without closure net) (1)
  8. Big crochet pin. (1)
  9. Small crochet pin (1)
  10. Crochet braids (2 packs)
  11. Amingo mini bob (1)
  12. Afro B (4)
  13. Scissors
  14. Closure wig
  15. Niddle and thread

Introduction Video