Hand Made Leather Bags

Overall learning objectives are that should students know, understand, and be able to do the following:
1. Demonstrate that handmade leather bags and clutches can be 100% handmade. Therefore the students will be introduced to basic but detailed leathery.
2. Students will be able to make quality bags and purses that are sellable at the end of the training.
3. Take advantage of inherent opportunities in the leather bags/clutches industry yet to be fully explored in Nigeria.

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  1. Beginner’s guide to leatherwork.
  2. Leather equipment and tools.
  3. Working with templates, Drafting and creating templates and Measurement and cutting of leather.
  4. Preparing leather for sewing. Assembling pieces of leather together.
  5. Practical/ stitches. Finishing and Project/ presentation.
  6. Packaging and Branding and Marketing

Learning Objectives

  • The student will know the constituents in leather bags
  • The student will know the equipment required to making leather crafts
  • The student will be able to make different types of bags and pouches
  • The student will know how to setup a standard work shop/showroom
  • The Student will acquire skills in selling, managing and sustaining a leather crafts business

Materials Needed

1. Leather – genuine leather (10 pairs), hard lining leather-1yard suede-1yard, purses fabric (1/4 yard).
2. Punch pliers, manual punches(a set), diamond punches-prongs(a set)
3. Measurement tools: rulers, french curve rulers, tape rules, pencil, leather marker, paper tape, jotter
4. Chiboard, kariboard and maco, purses foam layer (1/2 sheet).
5. Mallet and hammer, punching board,
6. Owl, Hand Needles (size 3&1/2″) and twine thread (size 3&6), moccasins thread
7. Leather scissors, cutter knife and razor blade.
8. Pins(button studs), rivets, snaps(magnets), rings for handle, 6buckles, bags decorators, lighter
9. Adhesive- (top/ best gum), nose covers,
10. Chain (2yards) & linen fabric, transparent nylons for packaging finished bags.

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