Handmade Beaded Jewelries

A bead is a small decorative object that is formed in a variety of shape sizes with a small hole for threading or stringing. Students will learn and master the fundamental principles of designing and making beaded jewellery and necklaces.

Beads symbolize wealth and Social statues. They are sometimes used for different ceremonies like weddings, Traditional/Tribal festivals, funeral, circumcision of young boys and harvest dances.

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1. Understanding bead as a decorative tool

2. Introduction to the type of beads.

3. Understanding the materials for bead making

4. Introduction to the Designs of outing beads (Spiral (1), Spiral( 2), Spiral (3), Spiral (4), Spiral (5), Chevron etc)

5. The practice of bead making

Learning Objectives

  • The student should be able to acquire the knowledge and also be able to pass the knowledge to others.
  • The student should have basic knowledge of bead making and should be able to practice without supervision.

Materials Needed

  1. Needle .10 or 11
  2. Fishing line .25 or 30 or 35
  3. Crystal bead 20 strand
  4. Rise bead 2 packet
  5. Neck stand
  6. Plastic bead
  7. Buggle bead
  8. Packaging

Introduction Video