Interior Design

INTERIOR DESIGN is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a space to achieve a functional and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the occupant. This is a basic introductory course that teaches how to plan, coordinate, manage and execute interior design projects by applying interior design skills and techniques.

These skills and techniques taught include the basics of Design principles and style, Scaled drawing, Spaces planning, Design process, Light, Colour, 3D design and Interior decorations.

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– Introduction to interior design and space measurement
– Drawing floor plan to scale , Furniture layout
-Lighting plan
– Learning about window treatments,floor treatments and storage
– 3d design

Learning Objectives

a) students should be able to measure any space properly

b) students should be able to draw a floor plan to scale with lighting and furniture layouts

c) students should be to design a space and decorate a space using axis,form and colour.

Materials Needed

1. Laptop
2. Steel measuring tape (5 meters)
3. A3 drawing sheet/book
4. Scale ruler (must have ratio 1:50 & 1:100)
5. Pencils
6. colour pencils
7. Project folder
8. Mathematical set
9. Furniture Template (must have ratios 1:50 & 1:100)
10. Class work to be printed out

Introduction Video