Millinery is the manufacture and craft of making hats, fascinators, hatinators
hairpices or any form of headwears.

Millinery is an arm of the fashion industry and as become one of the fast growing business which is very profitable to any one coming into this area of business

A person engaged in this trade is called a milliner or hatter

Millinery products are sold to women, men and children, though some definitions limit the term to women’s hats.

However, all Millinery material is easily sourced in millinery stores who engage in sales of different Millinery essentials. The type of materials to be used are virtually limited as the creativity of the milliner can allow the conversion of everyday materials for use as millinery materials.

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1: Introduction to millinery
2: Working with crinoline
3: Working with accessories
4: Working with sinamey (basic designs)
5: Working with sinamey (making fascinators )

Learning Objectives

a) student will be able to know and identify millinery materials
b) student will be able to do different designs with crinoline to make fascinators
c) student will be able to change their sinamey into several colours, do basic designs and ready to start millinery business

Materials Needed

1. Sinamey (not less than a yard)
2. crinoline (in different colours)
3. UHU
4. needle&tread
5. Bias tape
6. Accessories -stones sequence, feather, brooch
7. Candle bum
8. combs, hair clips, elastic band, hair bands
9. scissors and measuring tape
10. dye


1. Get your shopping list
2. Materials needed can be found in any millinery store nearest to you

Introduction Video