Pastries & Cocktails

All living things need essentials to grow and stay alive, the most important of which is ‘food and drinks
Human beings as well make their own food, however, with the aid of recipes from both plants and animals; and frequently edible substances. Several substances are edible for human consumption, they may be solid or liquid; and they make up the overall concept of foods and drinks which can be found in many varieties. Among those varieties are pastries and drinks.

The making of pastry products is a great specialization on its own and it is also very lucrative. For example, we eat pastries almost every day, everybody eats pastries one way or the other: Bread, Healthy Burger, Healthy Sharwama, Small chops like spring rolls, samosa or gala (sausage roll) – they are all pastry products. Pastries are in high demand all over the world, Most of the times we can’t do without them; provided the product is good, healthy and satisfying there shall be a continuous demand and supply chain

In the course of this program, you shall successfully be taught how to make pastries and Drinks. Other things that the students will learn include but are not limited to hygiene, kitchen equipment, methods of cooking, terminologies for food and drinks and measuring tools.
At the end of this program Students should be able to start a Pastry and Drinks business of their own and also render professional services at both corporate and social events.

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  1. Categories of Pastry
  2. Mise en place (Pattern of Cooking and Pastries recipe adaptation)
  3. Case Study 1 (Spring rolls and mini burgers)
  4. Case Study 2 (Cornish Pie and Egg Mould)
  5. Case Study 3 (Sultana Puffs and Vegetable Minced Balls)
  6. Pastry for Business

Learning Objectives

At the end of the programme, students should be able to;

  1. Identify the basic categories of pastry as well as the equipment required
  2. Prepare by themselves at least two of the basic pattern of cooking among which include broiling, grilling, steaming, poaching, frying-deep, etc.
  3. Prepare by themselves at least four of the pastries menu which also includes spring rolls, mini burgers, vegetable minced balls, Egg mould, Sultana puffs, Cornish Pie etc.
  4. Determine how to set up a Pastry Business as well as design a scalable strategy.
  5. Spring rolls
  6. Mini-burgers
  7. Cornish pie
  8. Egg mould
  9. Vegetable minced Balls
  10. Sultana Puffs

Materials Needed

  1. Convection Oven
  2. Deep fryer
  3. Formica or Stainless Work table
  4. Storage Rack
  5. Measuring Tools – a. Measuring Scale (Digital or Manual) – b. Measuring Cups and Spoons – c. Tape Measure d. Measuring Jugs
  6. Set of non-stick frying
  7. Set of non-stick sauce pan
  8. Dishing spoons
  9. Set of pastry brush
  10. Set of paint brushes
  11. Kitchen Linen (Oven gloves), Apron, Cap, etc.
  12. Foil Paper
  13. Skewers
  14. Manual Bowl
  15. Camp Gas


The best way to acquire this equipment is to consult an experienced Pastry Professional Attend any baking or catering exhibition to see the latest tools and ingredient

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