Soft furnishing is all about making/creating components of a house that beautify and provide a pleasant atmosphere in the house. They include curtains, pillows cases, throw pillows, bed sheets, duvet, quilt, placemat, table runner, floor pouffe, bean bags and much more. All these together create an ambience that makes space/room more comfortable and cosy.

They add colour, texture, softness and elegance to the furniture and help to cover the design and building flaws along with enhancing the unique features of the structure as well. Fabric is a compulsory part of it. It is an important part of interior decoration, being both practical and decorative. Soft Furnishing not only enhances the quality of your spaces and furniture but it also adds value to them and makes you’re living an experience that you will love to have with you, these items add to the quality of lifestyle by providing an ambience that will make your house a home to live in.

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  • Module 0/0

    - Introduction/Fundamental of Soft Furnishing
    - Basic tools, machines and stitches
    -Introduction to living room soft furnishing
    -Introduction to beddings
    - Making of kitchen soft furnishing
    - Making of simple curtain

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  • Materials Needed 0/0

    1. Sewing machine
    2. Dressmaker’s shear
    3. Seam riper
    4. Needle and threads
    5. Pincushion and pins
    6. Tape measure
    7. Tailors chalk
    8. Buttons and zips
    9. Brown paper/cardboard for templates
    10. Thimble
    11. Calculator
    12. Steam iron
    13. Retraceable metal rule
    14. Calico
    15. Fabric for throw pillow
    16. Fabric for bed sheet
    17. Fiber and foam chips

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  • Learning Objectives 0/0

    At the end of the training
    • Students should be able to measure and do conversion of measurement
    • Students should be able to know different types of fabrics and the fabric that suit each soft furnishing item.
    • Students should be able to sew /make soft furnishing items like throw pillows, bedsheet and pillowcase, flower pouf and apron

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  • Buyer Guide 0/0

    (Steps and ideas to buying good yet inexpensive materials in this trade)
    1. Our sewing material can be obtained from tailoring material stores.
    2. Most of the fabric we use for can bedsheet can be gotten from Tejuosho Market in Yaba or Oshodi.
    3. Material for throw pillow and floor pouf can be gotten from Ladipo market in Mushin

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