The Internet is everyone’s go-to source of information in today’s world. Businesses, public figures, publications and everything in between all have a presence on the web; and the more professional their website looks, the more successful they tend to be. Web designers are more in demand than ever before, and the profession is constantly changing along with the web itself. This course aims to teach the most up to date fundamentals of web design from scratch.

This course has been developed for beginners and those who already have limited knowledge of web design. Aspiring web designers, web developers who want to understand the design side of the business – as well as those from completely unrelated disciplines – will have so much to learn in this course.
The class will focus on the following:
1. Website fundamental and terminology
2. Html and CSS
3. CMS web development
4. Server-side management
5. Web strategy and marketing

Students applying for Web Design MUST have a basic knowledge of how the computer functions and MUST be able to operate the computer.

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  • Modules 0/0

    - Introduction to Website design
    - Website Design Planning Process
    - WordPress Overview
    - Creating a Menu, Hyperlinks, WIdget, Sidebars & Themes customization
    - Server side
    - SEO
    - Google Analytics

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  • Learning Objectives 0/0

    a) Student will gain the skills and project-based experience needed for entry into web design and development careers/businesses
    b) You will be able to use a variety of strategies and tools to create websites

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  • Materials Needed 0/0

    1. Internet
    2. Laptop
    3. software
    4. Webhost account and Domain name
    5. CorelDraw/MS paint
    6. Desktop Server free/Premium/XAMP
    7. FTP uploader
    8. NotePad++/Sublime
    9. Flash drive/ External Hard drive

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